“Justice is about providing a means in which an acceptable result can be reached in the shortest possible time, with the least possible expense, and with a minimum amount of stress for the parties involved”.

Warren E Burger, 15th Chief Justice of the United States

MCR Mediation

MCR Mediation offers fast, efficient and professional mediation services in a wide range of cases, local to nationwide, drawing on decades of legal, negotiation and mediation experience.

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Why Mediate?

Litigation costs continue to spiral out of control and are evermore disproportionate to matters in issue and sums involved. Legal representation is increasingly unaffordable and more and more people are forced to represent themselves in courts, often to their manifest disadvantage. So it is that cost-effective Mediation has never been a more important aspect of dispute resolution. Quite simply, most parties cannot afford not to submit their disputes to mediation and proactively seek a negotiated solution to their disputes at the earliest opportunity.

Why is mediation a good thing? Quite apart from being a money saving exercise, litigation fought to the bitter end rarely does much for commercial and personal relationships. This way you have the opportunity to create a solution in a confidential and flexible context, reflecting your input and contribution and leading to a happier outcome.

Mediation is preferable to having a decision imposed on you by a judge where there will be a winner and a loser or, worse still, an outcome that does no one any favours, not to mention the prospect of a heavy costs bill if you lose. Better to mediate than airing your dirty laundry in public or going through the mill of the litigation process which is expensive, intimidating, uncertain of outcome and extremely stressful.

Our Services

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to resolving a disagreement. Each dispute is unique, requiring a proactive, creative and realistic approach to achieve the best outcome.

MCR Mediation provides the following range of dispute resolution services. If you have a specific requirement not listed below, please contact us to discuss it in confidence.

  • Commercial Contracts
  • Business Disputes
  • Insurance Law
  • Shareholder Disputes
  • Partnership Disputes
  • Landlord and Tenant
  • Mobile Homes Law
  • Probate & Inheritance Claims
  • Employment
  • Civil Fraud
  • Sports Law
  • Professional Negligence


Our fees are tailored to the type and complexity of the dispute, ensuring you peace of mind and value for money.

For further information on our fees, please Contact Us briefly outlining the nature of the dispute.

All enquiries are handled in the strictest confidence regardless of whether you decide to proceed with our services or not.

Michael Roberts

Michael Roberts read law at Downing College Cambridge and spent 35 years in legal practice.

During his career, he developed a substantial litigation practice and appeared regularly in Tribunals, County Courts and the High Court in England & Wales, the Court of Appeal and Privy Council and in the Courts of the Cayman Islands.

Since 2016, he has focused exclusively on mediation, establishing MCR Mediation in the same year. He has assisted in and facilitated the successful resolution of a wide range of disputes of varying size and complexity.

“In practice, I had an extensive litigation oriented Chancery Commercial practice that encompassed everything from simple contractual disputes to complex Commercial Litigation and Arbitration and cases relating to civil fraud, property, companies, insolvency, wills and probate, Inheritance Act cases, professional negligence, sports law, employment and Offshore work.

When I went into mediation, I therefore brought with me extensive experience in these fields and whilst some of the best mediators are non-lawyers, my background knowledge and experience are useful assets in the mediation context.

As far as I am concerned, no dispute is too big or too small to be mediated and as far as fees and charges are concerned, my approach is entirely flexible and proportionate”.

Michael is married with two grown up children and lists his interests as Cricket, Cycling, Dog walking, Reading, Cinema, Cooking and Family Life. Michael is Hon. Secretary of the Home Counties Premier Cricket League. Michael is also conversant in French and is a keen Francophile.